‘I can’t wait to read the next adventure of Lizzie and Pandu, and I would definitely recommend this book to my friends.’ Guardian Children’s Books on ‘The City of Light’

Steve Griffin author

Welcome to my website! I’m the author of the adventure mystery series, The Secret of the Tirthas and the poetry book, Up in the Air. On this site you can find out about me and my books, send me a message or question, or check out my blog.

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My first poetry collection, UP IN THE AIR, is out NOW!

Up in the Air poetry book

Up in the Air is a bestselling collection that brings together 50 poems I’ve written over the last two decades, some published, others new. If you want to read how I came to write poetry in the first place, there’s a post about it here.

Up in the Air has already reached the Top Ten in the Amazon ‘Inspirational Poetry’ category, and the Top Twenty in ‘Love Poetry’.

You can order the paperback and Kindle version here:

OTHER NEWS: The Unknown Realms is AVAILABLE NOW!

The Unknown Realms

The Unknown Realms, the fifth and final book in The Secret of the Tirthas, is out now on Amazon (paperback and Kindle), iBooks and other ebook retailers!

Will Lizzie regret her big decision? Order your copy today!

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