For a limited period The City of Light, Book 1 of The Secret of the Tirthas, is FREE as an ebook on Kindle, itunes, Kobo, Nook and others!

“an entertaining and exciting book…I can’t wait to read the next adventure.”  Guardian Children’s Books

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The Dreamer Falls, book 3 of The Secret of the Tirthas

The Dreamer Falls- Final

A mysterious garden full of portals in the English countryside.

An ancient book, warning of supernatural beings preying on humankind.

A missing boy – and a girl who has seen too much.

Living with the secret of the tirthas is getting too much for Lizzie Jones. Even when her friend Xing warns her of the plans of the evil beings using the portals, she decides she’s had enough. After all, they’ve defeated all the demons, haven’t they?

Then Lizzie finds a discarded phone by an African mask in one of the gardens. The phone of local village boy Thomas Bennett, who has recently disappeared.

Once again, Lizzie must act – but what can she do?

A fast paced action adventure for lovers of His Dark Materials and Harry Potter.

Praise for The Book of Life, Book 2 of The Secret of the Tirthas: “The writing is pacy, precise and evocative…a wonderful mystery book for anyone, not just kids” Whimsy Bookworm

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