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The Welsh Marches – Photoblog

Rowan Cottage, the house that Lizzie inherits in The City of Light, is set near the fictional village of Hebley, loosely based on the black-and-white village of Weobley. I’ve already posted about the real garden of rooms that The Secret of the Tirthas is based on here, but here’s a few photos of the remote, beautiful, and occasionally austere area known as the Welsh Marches, which serves as a backdrop to the books:

Looking towards Hay Bluff and Twmpa, at the western edge of the Black Mountains


The Golden Valley


Across the border in Wales: Herefordshire bull, Vale of Ewyas


Ruins of Llanthony Priory, Vale of Ewyas



Pen y Fan, the highest of the Black Mountains




Regeneration, Colliers Wood

like the river
going home
and crushed up
like the river

in between
High Path
and the Savacentre

half my eye
snaps a bolt of blue –

did a kingfisher
release the river
just for one moment?

And, if
it wasn’t the kingfisher
how come the river
is here with me
in my living room


on the other side of now?

First published in Magma no. 24