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Hands Full Mama blog – review of The City of Light

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Just received a very nice review of The City of Light from Maureen, a Massachusetts book reviewer, on her Hands Full Mama blog. Here’s an excerpt:

“This was a lovely book. I loved the way that Indian culture, religion, and mythology was incorporated into the plot. Griffin’s descriptions of Kashi are vivid and realistic. I also liked the mystery element; Lizzie begins to suspect that someone else is using the portal – for sinister reasons. She isn’t sure who she can trust – and who she should suspect… This is an exciting story, and even readers who have moved on to ‘Young Adult’ books might enjoy this book. I am looking forward to Lizzie’s next adventure!”

Like getting another Christmas present…

If you want to read the full review – and perhaps subscribe to Maureen’s excellent blog – you can do so here:

The City of Light (Secret of the Tirthas) by Steve Griffin

Snowflakes Under The Microscope


Snowflakes Under The Microscope

When it was minus thirty he traipsed Alaska
the Upper Michigan Peninsula
dark Sierra Nevada
searching for the perfect flake.
Bemused Yooper loggers asked
if he ever saw two the same.

He developed a photo-microscope
to show the world
the split and sectored plate,
the rimed crystal,
fernlike stellar dendrite –

all captured in oily-blue,
refracted light.

The six-petal primrose in the midst
of a twelve-branched star
cut his heart.

There was not one light-washed flake
that wasn’t perfect –

a micro-blueprint
for a place of worship.


Photo by Chelle, Morgue File

If you want to see the exquisite photos that inspired this poem, check out

In Praise of Steven Bradbury

Steven Bradbury was the unlikely Australian winner of the 2002 Winter Olympic speed skating at Salt Lake City. Realising he was a lot slower than his competitors, his strategy was pretty much just to stay upright on his skates and hope there was some come kind of collision of the frontrunners – which there was.

This poem was first published in The Rialto magazine, with the subtitle: “Winter Olympic Speed Skating Champion, Salt Lake City 2002, and new Patron Saint of Losers”.

In Praise of Steven Bradbury

Oh just to be Steven Bradbury
to put in all that effort
learn how to turn grip into slip
willing the muscles to work
almost on air –

the subordination of strength and will
to something more ethereal,
more transcendent in us –

this workman of the ice
who always came last
and now, again, in Salt Lake City, clearly
behind his Chinese, US, etcetera competitors –

surely no chance in hell
of winning, only then to see
the whole damn power-pack collapse,
trip up on its own success,
a jumble of stretched yellow lycra,
half-melon helmets
and upturned blades –

and you, Steven Bradbury,
swinging your fist in triumph
glancing back in amazement –

and now the fire
splodges your cheeks –