Monthly Archives: July 2016


After furiously roasting the jets
the plane sets off down the runway –
juddering like
she’s a little too cheap.
Hangars blotted with rain
appear and swiftly retreat.

Then what should be unimaginable
happens next –

you and all those tense strangers
are scooped up off the ground
going up fast, unsure, unbalanced –

the melange of green and grey –
the road-strapped land –
souping out beneath you,
its gravity tendrils stretching,
snapping as they fail
to wrench you back to safety –

You are freed
whether you like it or not,
and there is no going back.
Watching the flecked blue seat in front
you settle yourself on the surf of fear –

and wait for the perfect light
that comes beyond the clouds.

First published in Other Poetry II, no.26