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Alice and the Devil – out now!

Alice and the Devil out now!

Apparently horror helps to build resilience so why not beat those January blues with the latest standalone novel in the bestselling Ghosts of Alice series, Alice and the Devil?

Here’s the description:

‘Yes, I can see ghosts,’ she said.
‘That’s why she told me to come here. Because you can help us. You can help grandad and me. You can help us defeat him.’
‘Yes, him. The Devil.’

A boy crosses the moors in a storm to plead for Alice’s help, claiming to be sent by a ghost.

Is the boy’s grandfather really being terrorised by the Devil himself? Alice can’t believe it – but then she’s experienced things she’d never imagined could come true. But even with her paranormal experiences, little does she expect the horror she is about to face at the lonely rectory overlooking the moors…

Alice and the Devil is the third standalone novel in The Ghosts of Alice series, about a young woman with a mysterious connection to the dead.

What readers are saying about Alice and the Devil:

‘Hooked me immediately with it’s fantastic writing, it’s snappy pacing and brilliant story-telling. I greedily read this in two sittings and wished it were longer!’

‘Ghost story masterclass’

‘Really ratchets up the tension and fear’

‘Very scary in places’

‘The best one yet’


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