‘…an entertaining and exciting book. I was hooked as soon as Lizzie traveled to India…I can’t wait to read the next adventure.’ Guardian Children’s Books – full review here.

The Secret of the Tirthas, my adventure mystery series of novels, is featured on this page. You’ll find out more about Up in the Air, my debut poetry book, over here.

The Secret of the Tirthas follows the adventures of Lizzie Jones as she explores the magical ‘garden of rooms’ in the English countryside that she’s inherited from her great-uncle. Each garden hides a miraculous portal, or tirtha, which transports her to exotic locations across the world in India, Africa, the US and China.

But she soon finds that the magic of the tirthas is being exploited by demons and other mysterious creatures. Can Lizzie and her new friends stop them before they achieve their evil ends?

“…by far the best middle grade series I have read in a long time…” Linda L. Oliphant, IG bookstagrammer

Find out more about each book by clicking below:

The City of Light

The Book of Life

The Dreamer Falls

The Lady in the Moon Moth Mask

The Unknown Realms

You can order paperback copies on Amazon – ebooks are available on Kindle and other major online retailers including Apple Books, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

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