Interview by US Author Hoang Chi Truong

Steve Griffin interview

I have had the privilege of being interviewed by US writer Hoang Chi Truong – author of an incredible memoir, Tigerfish.

Check out the full interview here:…/author-interview-with-steve-g…



2 thoughts on “Interview by US Author Hoang Chi Truong

  1. Linda Oliphant

    I found this interview by Hoang Chi Truong who is the author of TigerFish, a memoir of a young gitl’s flight from South Vietnam as a refugee, to be both insightful and her questions to Mr.Griffin to be very intuitive. I have read this series and have thoroughly enjoyed all of the books. Mr. Griffin not only captures the world of the Tirthas but he is able to suck you right in this magical and dangerous world.

    this world of the Tirthas but he sucks you right into the midst of the story.


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