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Freebie Friday giveaway of The City of Light & 16 books!

Freebie Friday is nearly here…

I’m excited to announce I’m joining a massive Freebie Friday giveaway this Friday 12th November 2021. Seventeen books from fifteen authors will all be free, including the first book in The Secret of the Tirthas, The City of Light!

Here’s all the books you’ll find free on Amazon (and in some cases elsewhere):

Freebie Friday giveaway of The City of Light

The mega-giveaway is organised by a group of fabulous authors who I’ve been connected with for a couple of years on Instagram – do go check out their books on Freebie Friday!

I’ll be giving The Secret of the Tirthas an additional boost by extending the free promotion of The City of Light on Amazon a bit longer than the others, from today until this Sunday 14th November inclusive.

Wait, what? There’s more…?

Plus I’m also going to be discounting the second and third books in the series for a whole week. From today until next Wednesday 17th November, The Book of Life will be reduced from £2.99 to 99p (99c US) and The Dreamer Falls will be reduced from £3.99 to £1.99 ($1.99 US).

Discover more about Kashi, the real Indian City of Light here, and the magical garden of rooms in Herefordshire that inspired The Secret of the Tirthas here.

Please share news of Freebie Friday with your friends – The Secret of the Tirthas is perfect for lovers of His Dark Materials and Harry Potter, but there’s books in there to suit readers of most genres.

Click on the links below to find out more about the books – and happy reading!