The Book of Life

Book 2 of The Secret of the Tirthas

A sickly girl and her helper, trapped in a house on the swamp.

An English girl who arrives out of nowhere in the night.

A mystery that must be solved before all three can return to where they belong.

Exploring her inherited garden, Lizzie Jones is transported through another portal to the Louisianan swamp. There she is pursued by terrifying creatures to Cypress House, where an ill girl and her carer are trapped.

But Cypress House has its own mysteries Lizzie must solve before she can return home. Who is Caroline Day, the ‘ghost girl’, and what is her connection to Lizzie’s past? Why does the threatened hurricane never arrive? Who is the mysterious odd-job man, Mr Paterson? And how will Lizzie ever find the portal when it’s lost in the swamp?

Praise for The Book of Life: “The writing is pacy, precise and evocative…a wonderful mystery book for anyone, not just kids, who likes to read about history, myths / legends and even paranormal creatures, such as zombies” The Whimsy Bookworm

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