The Boy in the Burgundy Hood – bestseller on sale!

The Boy in the Burgundy Hood ghost bestseller

A quick post to say thank you to everyone who’s read – and especially reviewed – my books. When I wrote The Boy in the Burgundy Hood in 2019 I had no idea how well it would do but now it’s sold nearly 3,000 copies and has over 200 reviews on Amazon with a 4.2 star rating. The positive response led me to writing two more books with the same character, Alice Deaton, a young woman with a mysterious connection to the dead.

I’m currently running a sale on Kindle and the books have again got the orange #1 bestseller tag on Amazon. I would be hugely grateful if you could help spread the word, as the longer it stays high in the charts, the more new readers get to know about it. Thank you!

Click below to grab the deal:

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