The Boy in the Burgundy Hood

“I so enjoyed The Boy in the Burgundy Hood! Just… don’t read it alone at night.” 5-stars, Amazon

‘A compelling mystery with a dark twist‘ 5-stars, Goodreads

The Boy in the Burgundy Hood is a #1 international bestselling ghost story, available on Amazon now!

Will it be her dream job – or a waking nightmare?

Alice Deaton can’t believe her luck when she’s offered her dream job at a medieval English manor house.

Mired in debt, the elderly owners have transferred their beloved Bramley to a heritage trust and Alice must prepare it for public opening in the spring.

But then the ghosts start appearing – the woman with the wounded hand and the boy in the burgundy hood – and Alice realises why her predecessor might have left the isolated house so soon after starting.

As she peels back the layers of the mystery, the secrets Alice uncovers at Bramley’s heart will be dark – darker than she could ever have imagined…

What readers are saying about The Boy in the Burgundy Hood:

‘Loved the main character and plenty of twists and turns mean you are kept guessing right up until the end.’

‘Too scared to sleep … extremely good book, I read it in one day!’

‘Creepy and satisfying…. real psychological depth as well, as Alice’s troubled personal history dovetails into the storyline.’

‘I loved this book and read it in one happy afternoon. If you love ghosts and history, this one’s for you.’

‘Twists and turns that weren’t predictable and with a believable background setting. Would be good as a Christmas Eve ghost story gift.’

‘Turn the screw it does, right up to its terrifyingly dark finale.’

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