Black Beacon: A Christmas Ghost Story

Black Beacon: A Christmas Ghost Story set on the South Downs

1976. The South Downs.  

The Christmas it snowed.  

The Christmas that evil returned… 

Struggling with money, Theo and Nat are doing their best to make Christmas special. It’s been a hard time of year for them, ever since they lost their beloved daughter. 

But this year, their troubles are just beginning. They are about to be visited by a shocking ghost from Christmas past, a spirit who will bring back not just the spectre of the war that divided them but also a deep, hidden betrayal from their own private past… 

What readers say about Black Beacon:

***** I loved this book and read it in one sitting late at night with the aftermath of a storm whistling outside
***** What a great ghostly Christmas book
***** His best book yet
***** A deeply haunting ghost story
***** This was such an original Christmas ghost story, I could not put it down. From the first pages I was gripped and wanting to know what happened to Nat and Theo.

Perfect for lovers of Susan Hill, Michelle Paver, and Shani Struthers.

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