The Girl in the Ivory Dress: A Ghost Story


The Girl in the Ivory Dress

Will a strange request help her move on from a haunted past?

After a fire tears through the country house where she works, Alice accepts a desperate invitation from an old friend whose guest house is being haunted by a ghastly apparition.

But Alice, with her mysterious ability to connect with ghosts, senses something even stranger going on at the isolated Peacehaven. Who is the spectral man roaming the house? Why is he terrifying the guests? And why does she keep dreaming about the ghosts of her past, the burning man and girl in the ivory dress?

As Alice digs deeper, she will uncover an insidious evil that might just overwhelm her…

The Girl in the Ivory Dress is the second standalone novel in The Ghosts of Alice series. The first is The Boy in the Burgundy Hood, an international bestseller on Amazon.

What readers are saying about The Girl in the Ivory Dress:

“the author is a master of atmosphere and suspense

“the best ghost story l have ever read”

“I was gripped by the dramatic opening sequence and then drawn in by the series of interesting twists and turns to the plot”

If you love ghost stories, read this one!