The Girl in the Ivory Dress


Following a devastating incident at the country house where she works, Alice Deaton heads to Peacehaven, a secluded guest house on the Welsh coast. There, an old friend and her family are reeling from the appearance of a ghastly apparition that is driving them to despair. Alice, with her experience of ghosts, agrees to help.

But there is more going on at the isolated guest house than meets the eye. Who is the spectral man in the suit, terrifying the guests? Why is Alice haunted by dreams of a young girl in an ivory dress? And is someone – or something – threatening Alice’s life?

Praise for The Boy in the Burgundy Hood, the first standalone story featuring Alice Deaton:

‘Turn the screw it does, right up to its terrifyingly dark finale.’

‘I so enjoyed The Boy in the Burgundy Hood! Just… don’t read it alone at night.’